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5 Easy Ways to Add a Twinkle to Your Eyes

When was the last time you read the unspoken in someone’s eyes? Was it something nice and complimentary or one of the things you would have best avoided? Really hope it was the former for you 🙂 . Our eyes not only work as an indispensable window to the outer world, but also help us express loads without actually uttering a single word. Yet, what do we actually do to keep them at their best? Yes, yes I too know all about mascara, eye shadows and rest of the thingummajig, but I am talking about keeping them healthy and shining bright….like twin stars 😛 .

Well, actually it doesn’t take much to care for the peepers that do so much for us. Here are a few simple ways to show some love for your eyes and a bit for yourself too!

5 Easy Ways to Get Shiny Bright Eyes

  1. Eye exercises:

    This can be done in 3 steps or can be done as individual exercises if you are running short on time. Start with an astonished look in your eyes and then blink 10 times rapidly as if you can’t believe what you just heard. Then close your eyes and relax for about half a minute. Repeat 2 more times. You can do this routine as many times a day as you feel like.

    Next, roll your eyes as if listening to your narcissistic colleague or particularly obnoxious friend. This shouldn’t be tough as you would need to be extremely lucky not to have one in your list of acquaintances 🙂 . After repeating this about 3 times clockwise and anticlockwise, look from side to side in a conspiratorial manner without turning your head. Repeat about 3 times.

    Lastly, close your eyes, rub your palms together to warm them up and keep them on your eyes held lightly for at least half a minute. Open your eyes slowly to feel really rejuvenated. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, eyes

  2. Eat and drink:

    Vitamins A, C and E, antioxidants, zinc, DHA, omega-3 fatty acids all go a long way in ensuring healthy vision and reducing macular degeneration. Nuts like almonds and walnut, orange-colored fruits and vegetables like carrot, pumpkin, tomatoes and orange, green leafy vegetables, flaxseed, citrus fruits and berries are all good vegetarian sources of these goodies. For those who like their animal sources, egg yolk, turkey, salmon, anchovies, trout and mackerel are all superb sources for vision enrichment.

    Dairy  products contain vitamin A and zinc. Lentils and kidney beans provide zinc and bioflavonoids. Sunflower seeds are very good storehouses of vitamin E and zinc. So, take your pick for each day and enjoy as snacks or part of your meal.

  3. Cold compresses:

    Soreness, itchiness, swelling, redness and pain in the eyes respond wonderfully to cold compresses. These relax the blood vessels, help deal with dry eyes and also are very effective in symptom control of ocular allergies. There are 2 basic ways of doing this. Either wrap up a couple of ice cubes in a thick towel and place it on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Take care not to go over 20 minutes to avoid chances of frostbite.

    Another method that I feel is more relaxing and comfortable, is to either lie down or tilt your head back with a soft piece of folded cloth dipped in ice-cold water or milk over your peppers. It helps loads after a tiring day staring at different sized screens. Cold cucumber, potato slices and green tea soaked cold pads for 15 to 20 minutes also work wonders for dark circles along with relaxing the eyes wonderfully. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, eyes

  4. Splash:

    For tired eyes, splash cold water on closed eyes. This tones up the surrounding ocular muscles and helps reduce puffiness. For looking fresh with sparkly peepers throughout the day, splash cold water on closed eyes 3 to 4 times a day. After brushing your teeth in the morning, fill your mouth with water and splash cold water on closed eyes 8 to 10 times. Let the water dry on its own. It won’t only brighten up your eyes immediately but also help replenish moisture of your facial skin, giving you a nice glow.

  5. Eyewear:

    Using good quality eyewear is essential to maintain your eyesight and avoid unnecessary strain.  Some shades might look awesome on you, but if the lenses aren’t good quality and have power, it would do more harm than help. Though it might protect your eyes from UV rays, it would adversely affect your vision causing eye strain and might even make you feel queasy after a while. An easy way to check the lenses is holding the sunglasses at arm’s length and comparing what you can see through it with visual outside the lens. If both of these match, then you are good to go.

    Headaches and screwing up your peppers unknowingly while reading or concentrating on any sort of digital screen might be indicative of eyesight issues. It would be a good idea to visit an opthalmologist to prevent further worsening. Low-powered glasses in time can save getting magnified to nine 😛 . www.nandyzsoulshine.com, eyes


‘Eyes are the windows to our soul’ …health and state of mind. Bright eyes indicate a lively personality and a robust health to support it. In our daily rush to keep our physique in shape, weight under control and even meditating to keep the mind healthy and calm, the one important body part that mostly gets ignored is the eye. It takes very little effort and time to keep them twinkling with wellness and peaceful joy. Easy eye exercises, relaxing tips and a bit of precaution go a long way in maintaining the ever-so-useful vision, which we take for granted. It’s time to show some love for your eyes today!


What do you do to relax tired eyes? Would you prefer to go for spectacles or contact lenses if needed?


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