Launched in 2016, Nandyz Soulshine is an age-no-bar global community for health enthusiasts, creative geniuses and people who believe life can be made positive and bright one day at a time. If you are thinking about leading life a more natural and healthy way, cultivating your creativity or just looking for a dewy fresh positive spin on life, then read on! This is a place for kindered souls yearning for a brighter today and inspired tomorrow.



Through the compilation of health snippets, I endeavour to show you how easy it is to lead a healthy life, minimize your medical bills and maximize wellness – all this at next to no extra effort. I haven’t got a degree in naturopathy or anything, but these are all life lessons learnt the trial-and-error way. Right about six years back, I got interested in the natural way of life, kitchen remedies for ailments and generally a healthier way of life. Few years down the line I ended up with loads of research material and astoundingly simple tips. I felt it would have been stupendous if I could just have found them in a single place. Hence, popped the idea for a health blog.


This largely brings together inspirations, techniques and discussions relating to – you guessed it right – the realm of art. Being a self-trained artist, I offer here snippets, resources and lessons learnt that might spark creative ideas for you or just introduce you to a fellow traveller on the same art safari. I have been passionate about painting and drawing since I was this high (no, measure it from the ground up 😛  ). But what with one thing and another, I never went around to getting any formal training. However, my curiosity got the better of me and I ended up being a self-taught (and proud to be one) artist. Then I reached a point where there was this strong urge to share and discuss these with like-minded people, so here we are – welcome to the Art nook.


Now, it felt weird to connect with so many interesting people through the blog and not engage with them on a more feet-up-hair-down level. The solution that came to me in a eureka moment (I know, a bit much, right?) was setting up a Life hammock and chatting our heads away. The section is all about looking at life with peppy filters on. It aims to be your pick-me-up sort of read on a Monday or may be a rainy day. These are just simple musings and kind of friend-to-friend chats with a ‘what worked for me might work like a charm for you as well’ attitude.

 It is a two-way process – I share my life lessons as I discover them, all the while looking forward to learning something from you. Gosh! That was a lot of ‘I’s and ‘me’s. It would be a nice change of pace to know more about you, the wonderful person I have been pouring my heart out to for so long! Why don’t you come and say hello to me on Facebook and we can continue our tête-à-tête there. Or if you prefer, I can also hop over to Twitter, Instagram or Google+ for you. What say, wanna be friends?

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