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DIY String Art Décor Accent for Kids’ Room

Do you like your décor to be bespoke with personal touches? Creating little design accents that reflect treasured memories and glimpses of our life tend to do exactly that. I usually prefer creating fine art pieces and sprinkling them around the house. But, I also like creating nifty DIY items that require learning a new technique or craft. Keeping the […]

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Elegant DIY Decor Idea for Kitchen or Dining Space Wall

Have you been thinking of jazzing up your kitchen or dining space a bit? All decor updates needn’t essentially burn a hole in your pocket to look polished and professional. If you have a bit spare time on your hands and creativity within you, there are loads of easy DIY decor projects that add a personal touch to interiors without […]

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How to Decide – Follow Rules or Flout Them Artistically

Well really, how do you decide? Can following or flouting rules be premeditated or does it just happen organically? I believe, the beauty of any artwork being subjective, there is really no right or wrong way to do it. What might look superbly outstanding to one, may evoke no emotion at all in the other! But for those just beginning […]

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5 Reasons to Be Positive About Negative Space

The world of art is a wonderful place. Here, you can find negative empowering the positive. Efforts at sidestepping definite forms brings out the best possible rendition! It’s a magical place where the idea of balance takes on innumerable interpretations. In fact, the interplay of positive and negative space is ingeniously manipulated to create intriguingly complex images. We have all […]

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7 Insights to Guide and Motivate Aspiring Artists

‘Master Artist Quotes’ series part 2 Inspirational quotes have a way of expressing what we subconsciously know to be true. They guide us in the right direction to reach our full potential. It is quite common with me to suspend creative imagination and start following set rules and patterns while creating. So, I have fallen into the habit of creating […]

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5 Simple Ways to Relax and Unwind Through Art

How do you unwind and relax after a hectic week of work and fun? Most people like to enjoy a hot bath, watch a movie cocooned in a comforter or curl up with an interesting book and a cup of hot chocolate. But, there’s an alternate way where you can unwind and be productive at the same time. Sounds interesting? […]

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5 Photography Tips to Click Frame-Worthy Images

Have you ever felt that the snapshots couldn’t do justice to how it actually felt in real life? With cameras getting extremely handy accompanying smartphones, all of us have become photographers of sorts. The art of photography is easy to be acquired, but takes persistence and creativity to master. Like any other form of art, capturing memorable images requires learning […]

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Creative 7 : Chalking Out Artistic Goal for 2017

It might be a bit early, but inspiration never seeks time to strike. Scrolling through a couple of my favorite art blogs, it struck me as a cool idea to have a couple of art resolutions for 2017. Though I am not a big fan of new year resolutions per se, the idea of setting up creative goal tickled me. […]

5 Reasons For Expressing Your Creativity Through Watercolor

Why I like watercolor? Well, why not? It is a challenging and idiosyncratic medium that is as much fun as difficult to get the nuances right. Water is the main element that controls every mark, value of every pigment and the neatness or blending potential of every edge. So, learning to control the amount of water in your brush is […]

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5 Key Reasons for Selecting Graphite as Art Medium

Having used pencil from our first step towards literacy, wielding it to express emotions has become second nature to most of us. In the hands of an experienced artist, graphite can create powerful images with a character of their own. Seeing the world in greyscale makes us focus more on the mood and emotions. So, let us explore together the […]