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How to Practice Saying No the Right Way

Does saying no leave you with a nagging feeling of not having done the right thing? It may be so because of our inbuilt psychological need to be perceived as agreeable, pleasant and a social being. Saying yes when we know we do not want to follow it through, is actually more undesirable than saying no. Saying yes just to […]

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Why Saying No is an Important Life Skill

No, saying ‘no’ isn’t necessarily rude or reflective of a lackadaisical attitude. Said for the right reasons and in the right way, it has the power to set us free, make us more productive, keep our promises better and take away a lot of unnecessary stress. Most of the successful people in this world have mastered the art of replying […]

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How to Pep Up and Infuse Zest in Your Life

Let’s face it, some time or the other life starts feeling stuck in a rut and the yearning for change just wouldn’t stay quiet. What if we could face each day with the pep and enthusiasm of the first day of a long-awaited vacation? It’s just that bit of difference between actually living and just existing, following a pattern day […]

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Blogger Recognition Award for Nandyz Soulshine

It’s been a wonderful and awesome week. I got nominated for not one, but two blog awards…yay!! The Blogger Recognition Award followed closely by the Sunshine Blogger Award. I am hugely honored to receive them both. Tina and Jimmy Durham of Durham’s Love, Life and Travel nominated Nandyz Soulshine for the Blogger Recognition Award. I have been following their blog […]

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Nandyz Soulshine Nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award

Receiving an award for what you do is always a boost for the morale. For me, it represents that the thought behind your efforts is getting recognized. I was honored to recently receive the Sunshine Blogger Award from a very positive person, April Huggins of April Does That. Thanks April for the nomination 🙂 . With honor comes responsibility: Thank […]

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7 Simple Tricks to Usher Positive Energy into Your Home

Is your home an oasis for you or just a stopover on your way to a more relaxing world outside? Whether a dorm, rented or lovingly bought home, we all aim to create a sanctuary where we can relax,  unwind and recharge. However, it’s easier to wish than accomplish. Whatever the decor aesthetics, there are a few key points to […]

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7 Perks of Being a Freelancer Working from Home

Do you ever wish you had more hours in the day to fit in all your work and family commitments? Well, I certainly did and so decided to explore freelancing. Like me, you can be steered by circumstances or be guided by your desire to have more freedom over your decisions. But whichever route you take, the world of freelancers […]

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My Body is My Home – Positive Body Image

April Huggins on positive body image and respecting the body you have   After having my second child my weight went pretty much back to my ‘normal.’  But after struggling with post partum depression I’ve put on some weight.  Part of the “problem” I guess, is that I LOVE food and I’ve been trying to find any ol’ way to […]

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A Rebel’s Guide to a Calm and Happy Life

Rebelling doesn’t necessarily involve making drastic changes or acting dangerously. It’s an urge to change the things that do not work for you and making choices that spell a better life. If we desire happiness and calm in our life, then the surest way is to de-clutter it of limiting situations, thoughts and people. Not everything needs a gregarious nature […]

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4 Reasons to Laugh Yourself to Health

So, what tickles your funny bone? Do you enjoy a good laugh, company of happy people and a positive attitude to life? If so, then you surely are helping your body maintain it’s health, wellness and immunity to illnesses. A positive outlook on life, a sense of humor and the ability to laugh in difficult situations go a long way […]