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5 Effective Natural Ways to Minimize Asthma Symptoms

“Where there’s a will there’s a way”. We must have heard it a million times. But, it was precisely this mindset that pushed me to explore and find natural and milder solutions for the wheezing, breathlessness and overall miserable feeling accompanying asthma. Seeing loved ones, especially your kid, going through such hardship makes you question if there isn’t any other way.

Some suggestions worked, some didn’t. It might have started sounding like some advertisement, but it’s not. These are just some things that worked for me and helped reduce the misery and medicine pile-up. Along with being easier on our pocket, natural remedies and preventive measures offer a healthier approach to health issues without additional side effects. Instead of undermining the efficacy or importance of prescription medication, household health tips aid the remission of symptoms and healing.

Here are 5 natural ways to minimize troublesome symptoms accompanying asthma and seasonal allergies.

5 Natural ways to keep asthma symptoms under control

  1. Fenugreek concoction:

    Boil a quarter teaspoon fenugreek seeds in half cup of water for about 3 minutes. Let it cool and then strain. You can refrigerate it for a couple of days. But, remember to bring it to room temperature before consumption. Add half tablespoon each of ginger juice and honey to a tablespoon full of this liquid. Take this concoction twice a day to tide you over your usual duration of allergy. Ginger and honey both have very warming effect on the body and are effective in dealing with the accompanying symptoms of heavy cough too. We saw it’s results in a couple of days, but it may vary from person to person depending on the severity of condition. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, asthma

  2. Eucalyptus oil:

    This one I wish we had found earlier as it limits incessant inhaler use. But, do not tinker with the dosage suggested by your physician without consulting them. Pour 3-4 drops of organic eucalyptus oil in your handkerchief, fold it in and keep it handy. You can just open up the fold and cover your nose with it when you feel a bout coming on or a bit short of breath. Pouring a couple drops of eucalyptus oil on your pillow cover would also help getting better sleep at night. Alternatively, you can add a couple drops of this oil to your steam machine and use it 2-3 times a day, especially before bedtime.

  3. Hot bath:

    Take a hot bath when feeling boggy and clogged down with asthma or seasonal allergies. Not only will it help you relax, but the steam will clear up the respiratory passages. If it’s too hot outside to even think of a hot bath (like it’s in the March-April allergy season over here), take steam inhalations. Adding a couple drops of eucalyptus oil can help speed things up. But even if you don’t have it handy, simple plain water steam inhalation will ease up your sinuses and breathing airways. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, asthma

  4. Breathing exercises:

    Controlled modulated breathing can effectively help soothe breathlessness and chest tightness accompanying asthma exacerbation. Sit in a relaxed, torso-extended position and close one nostril with your thumb. Breathe in to a count of say 3 or 5. Close that nostril with your middle and ring fingers. Take your thumb off the other nostril and breathe out to the same count. Try and concentrate on the movement of breath through your nostrils, windpipe and lungs. Repeat 15-20 times, but stop at any point you start feeling light-headed.

    This is part of a very well-known yoga routine that has proven to be quite effective in other conditions too like migraine, anxiety, depression and more. There are some simple breathing exercises that help release tense energy from your body, helping relax, lessening the intensity of symptoms and achieving a better sense of wellbeing.

  5. Regular exercises:

    This one has to be a part of your routine to be effective. Because once the symptoms set in, it is tough both physically and psychologically to begin an exercise routine. Following any sort of workout routine on a regular basis improves our immune system and helps better cope with health issues when triggered. I can vouch for it from personal experience. The symptoms are much milder and manageable when triggered.

    That’s the reason why I always make it a point for my kid to be involved in some sort of active sport on a regular basis. For grown-ups with lesser time on their hands, try 20-minute speed walking, regular breathing exercises, swimming, or cycling. No need to stick to one form of exercise, but mix and match to create an interesting routine every week. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, asthma


These are suggestions based entirely on my experience and the results may vary from person to person. However, it is important to remember that no medication adjustments should be done without consulting a physician about your improved symptoms. Having said that, natural remedies tend to be gentler on our body causing fewer and milder side effects.

A very effective way to lessen the severity of breathlessness is to wear a mask when outside and using an air purifier when indoors. Developing a strong immune system through diet and exercise along with avoidance of triggering factors help lessen asthma symptoms to a great extent. Though not a cure, these help soothe aggravated asthma symptoms and even prevent them when taken timely. Natural remedies improve overall feeling of wellness and quality of life without adding additional chemicals to our system.

Have you tried any of these? What else do you do to overcome allergy symptoms?


Warning: These are only palliative or preventive measures. Do not stop taking regular medicines without consulting your physician.
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