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Ginger: How to Get the Best of Your Kitchen Pharmacy

Don’t we all like things that can be used interestingly in multiple ways than just one obvious one? Well, most of the herbs and spices in our kitchen do exactly that. And I am not even talking in culinary terms, but of major health benefits and overall wellness. This brand new year, I am beginning this series about how to […]

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5 Simple Wellness Tweaks for the New Year

Are you ready to mark this brand new year as a milestone on your wellness journey? We all love the idea of a healthier life, but don’t the sacrifices sometimes feel too unfair? The first day of January usually demands a pledge for a lot of changes for the better, some hard, others tougher. Whether we admit it or not, […]

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5 Reasons to Be Positive About Negative Space

The world of art is a wonderful place. Here, you can find negative empowering the positive. Efforts at sidestepping definite forms brings out the best possible rendition! It’s a magical place where the idea of balance takes on innumerable interpretations. In fact, the interplay of positive and negative space is ingeniously manipulated to create intriguingly complex images. We have all […]

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7 Ways to Feel Good and Enjoy a Healthy Winter

Do you enjoy winters or would you rather do away with it from the list of seasons? Whatever be your take on the cold weather, being healthy and fit is essential to the feel good factor at any given time. There will always be ups and downs in life, in your mood and in the general feel of things happening […]

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5 Reasons to Use Pomegranate for Health and Beauty

Which is your favorite fruit? Or, is it nuts? If you are trying to find reasons to tuck into them more often, checking out their health benefits would be a good idea. Fruits are nature’s storehouse of many vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Some of these really go a long way in keeping us healthy and kicking. Fruits like blueberries, cranberries, […]

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4 Reasons to Laugh Yourself to Health

So, what tickles your funny bone? Do you enjoy a good laugh, company of happy people and a positive attitude to life? If so, then you surely are helping your body maintain it’s health, wellness and immunity to illnesses. A positive outlook on life, a sense of humor and the ability to laugh in difficult situations go a long way […]

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7 Insights to Guide and Motivate Aspiring Artists

‘Master Artist Quotes’ series part 2 Inspirational quotes have a way of expressing what we subconsciously know to be true. They guide us in the right direction to reach our full potential. It is quite common with me to suspend creative imagination and start following set rules and patterns while creating. So, I have fallen into the habit of creating […]

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Aloe Vera: 7 Ways Leading to Health and Wellness

Did you ever wish for a special something that could zap all your problems away? Guess what, there is! Well, it can’t fix a broken heart or your boss, if your mind just shot to that 🙂 . However, most of your pesky health issues can be resolved with nature’s super fighter – aloe vera. It single-handedly offers antimicrobial, antifungal […]

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7 Plants to Purify and Clean Air Indoors

Are you thinking of getting an air purifier at home? Well, a greener and more economical option for clean air indoors would be to try out air purifying plants first. They remove toxic components from air along with improving oxygen concentration and accentuating interiors. Even if you keep your home sparkling clean and use non-toxic paint, most houses that support […]

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5 Simple Ways to Relax and Unwind Through Art

How do you unwind and relax after a hectic week of work and fun? Most people like to enjoy a hot bath, watch a movie cocooned in a comforter or curl up with an interesting book and a cup of hot chocolate. But, there’s an alternate way where you can unwind and be productive at the same time. Sounds interesting? […]