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How to Speak the Language of Flowers

Did you know that tulip was once more valuable than gold in ancient Holland? And that they belong to the same family as onion? It’s true! Also, what is not very widely known is that there were no flowers on earth 140 million years ago. There were only cone-bearing trees and ferns. Very Jurassic Park, right? Though now the language  […]

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How to Pep Up and Infuse Zest in Your Life

Let’s face it, some time or the other life starts feeling stuck in a rut and the yearning for change just wouldn’t stay quiet. What if we could face each day with the pep and enthusiasm of the first day of a long-awaited vacation? It’s just that bit of difference between actually living and just existing, following a pattern day […]

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Simple Exercises for Time-Crunched or Lazy Days

Did you know that you could get the benefits of exercising even when you don’t have the time or heart for it? Well there are and they can surely chip in when following your regular exercise routine is not an option. Some of these simple exercises are fun, some relaxing and others are just healthy tweaks to your daily routine. […]

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DIY String Art Décor Accent for Kids’ Room

Do you like your décor to be bespoke with personal touches? Creating little design accents that reflect treasured memories and glimpses of our life tend to do exactly that. I usually prefer creating fine art pieces and sprinkling them around the house. But, I also like creating nifty DIY items that require learning a new technique or craft. Keeping the […]

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Blogger Recognition Award for Nandyz Soulshine

It’s been a wonderful and awesome week. I got nominated for not one, but two blog awards…yay!! The Blogger Recognition Award followed closely by the Sunshine Blogger Award. I am hugely honored to receive them both. Tina and Jimmy Durham of Durham’s Love, Life and Travel nominated Nandyz Soulshine for the Blogger Recognition Award. I have been following their blog […]

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Nandyz Soulshine Nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award

Receiving an award for what you do is always a boost for the morale. For me, it represents that the thought behind your efforts is getting recognized. I was honored to recently receive the Sunshine Blogger Award from a very positive person, April Huggins of April Does That. Thanks April for the nomination 🙂 . With honor comes responsibility: Thank […]

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5 Effective Natural Ways to Minimize Asthma Symptoms

“Where there’s a will there’s a way”. We must have heard it a million times. But, it was precisely this mindset that pushed me to explore and find natural and milder solutions for the wheezing, breathlessness and overall miserable feeling accompanying asthma. Seeing loved ones, especially your kid, going through such hardship makes you question if there isn’t any other […]

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7 Simple Tricks to Usher Positive Energy into Your Home

Is your home an oasis for you or just a stopover on your way to a more relaxing world outside? Whether a dorm, rented or lovingly bought home, we all aim to create a sanctuary where we can relax,  unwind and recharge. However, it’s easier to wish than accomplish. Whatever the decor aesthetics, there are a few key points to […]

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Elegant DIY Decor Idea for Kitchen or Dining Space Wall

Have you been thinking of jazzing up your kitchen or dining space a bit? All decor updates needn’t essentially burn a hole in your pocket to look polished and professional. If you have a bit spare time on your hands and creativity within you, there are loads of easy DIY decor projects that add a personal touch to interiors without […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Take Turmeric Seriously

Did you know about the wonder spice that has been used as a powerful and versatile herbal medicine since 3000 B.C.? The golden spice, turmeric has been an intrinsic part of traditional cultural remedies in many countries. Though this plant requires specific temperatures and conditions to grow, it is exported to be available in almost all over the world. Turmeric […]