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A Rebel’s Guide to a Calm and Happy Life

Rebelling doesn’t necessarily involve making drastic changes or acting dangerously. It’s an urge to change the things that do not work for you and making choices that spell a better life. If we desire happiness and calm in our life, then the surest way is to de-clutter it of limiting situations, thoughts and people.

Not everything needs a gregarious nature and the itch to own every stage in sight. You can be a rebel in the things you believe, the way you live your life and the conventional things you do and do not agree with. You can even alter others’ actions and attitude by becoming a beacon of change and leading the way with action rather than words. Here are some ideas that just fell into place with experience and the determination to live a happy life, no matter what.

7 Realizations for a Calm and Happy Life

  1. Validation isn’t essential:

    More and more of us have turned into people pleasers as we plunge headlong into social media. Earlier we would look for validation from people we looked up to at home, in school or at our workplace. But now, we look for validation from hundreds of people, some of whom we hardly know. The anxiety of the ‘likes’ or ‘heart’ counter on each and every clicked moment of their lives make so many people miserable. What they don’t seem to realize anymore is that the number of approvals do not add to or take away from how they felt in that clicked moment! I know at least a dozen such people in my not-so-huge circle of acquaintances.

    I won’t deny that I too am perturbed by these sometimes, but only professionally, never for my personal updates. When we realize that our life doesn’t need validation from anyone else, everything becomes so much easier and smoother. The more calm we are about the potentials of our decision, the more focused we can be in executing them successfully. The rush of pride from knowing what you achieved or accomplished was not influenced by anyone else, is tremendous.

  2. Trust your own moral compass:

    The thing that is going to set you free is understanding that no matter what you do, there will always be people to criticize you. Stop caring about what others would think and let your own moral compass guide you. Nobody knows you and your situation better than yourself. Is there any guarantee that people criticizing you would have handled it any better if they weren’t assessing the situation from afar? So, just do what you think would work best for you. The moment you stop worrying how it would go down with other people, it sets you free. Being prone to anxiety attacks in the past, I have found this attitude to make me calm and happier about my actions and decisions. It’s a mental shift that goes a long way towards enjoying mental wellbeing and a positive attitude. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, calm

  3. Stop worrying about changing others:

    The only thing we can guarantee is changing ourselves. We can try to change how other people act, behave or think but the outcome is at best dicey. If you are up for the challenges, stress and possibility of failure of your efforts, then by all means charge right into it! However, if you would like to lead a more relaxed life and still influence others, change yourself and be a beacon for the way of life you want others to lead. To be more content with our existence, we have to realize that we can’t guarantee changing others and it takes all kinds to make the world.

  4. Dream big with achievable milestones:

    There’s no tax on dreaming, so go big. In all possibility, you would be pleasantly surprised at how much you are capable of. After all, how many times have we heard, ‘If you don’t try, you will never know’? It’s better to try and fail knowing you put in your best than just sitting and bemoaning what you could have been but something or other didn’t let you be. That feeling saps away satisfaction and the calm factor from our lives faster than anything else. However, it would be a better idea to break down your goals into smaller achievable chunks and celebrate every little milestone. The journey would seem more enjoyable and the dreams more realistic. Retracing a small failed step is much easier than starting the whole journey over. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, calm

  5. Create a filtering system:

    Create a compartmentalized clearance system for things to really affect you. It takes time and persistence, but once you get the knack of it, the results are really rewarding. Allow only positive and constructive ideas and suggestions to sieve through. The rest do not matter anyway. Opening your heart to only those things that help you grow, makes your outlook on the world brighter and calmer. Stay away from people and situations with bleak and morbid tendencies. Make it a point to laugh each and every day, even if it is at your own goof ups! Search for the silver lining to every cloud – happiness and calm would simply follow. This may sound preachy 🙂 , but it really works!

  6. Prioritize yourself:

    No, it’s not selfish and you actually owe it to yourself! Is it ever selfish to get the car serviced? It is an essential in order for us to enjoy the benefits and ease of that car, right? So, why not our body and mind? After all, whatever and whoever else is we think are our priority, we won’t be able to do our bit for them unless we are healthy physically and mentally. We can do loads without feeling burnt out if we have a calm and happy mind. A mind that is not calm, diminishes our potentials quite a bit. A general feeling of wellness helps us be positive and open to life.

  7. Stop and relish each achievement:

    Roll it in your mouth and relish your achievements as and when they come, no matter how big or small. They incentivize us subconsciously and makes us look at the challenges that follow in a more positive light. If we wait to achieve it all and then celebrate, the fresh enthusiasm of the milestones achieved, simply slip through the cracks. Life just passes us by while we are chasing that ultimate goal. We cannot undo life and there is always the chance that we might question whether the achievement was really worth it all. So, why not celebrate life along with the hard work, while we have a chance than regret things later? Carpe diem! That’s the idea I am chasing and it seems to wrap it all up perfectly. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, calm


Be a rebel in the way you see fit because rebellion means going against the general thread of things…right? Take baby steps tweaking your attitude towards yourself, others and life in general. Do it until you find the perfect fit that translates to a calmer and happier version of you. Indulge your strain of rebellion this year and feel the difference. Happy rebellion to you!


What have you changed recently to lead a calmer and happier life?

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11 thoughts on “A Rebel’s Guide to a Calm and Happy Life

  1. I’ve been trying hard to stop pleasing people for so long but nothing helps honestly. Others’ opinions matter so much to me that I sometimes lose track of what I really aimed for. And this complicates things so much sometime.
    I’m so happy I came across your website Nandita. This post is something I’m going to keep coming back to especially when I need that extra push!
    Would love to read more posts along the same line

    1. Thanks Shruti 🙂 …glad that I could help in whatever little way. My life became a lot simpler and more enjoyable the moment I realized that what people think is their business and not my problem. After all, are they going to change themselves or their way of life just because what I THINK about them? Then why should I?

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