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How to Pep Up and Infuse Zest in Your Life

Let’s face it, some time or the other life starts feeling stuck in a rut and the yearning for change just wouldn’t stay quiet. What if we could face each day with the pep and enthusiasm of the first day of a long-awaited vacation? It’s just that bit of difference between actually living and just existing, following a pattern day in and day out. I am not saying stir up everything and go all bonkers, but just put the ‘relish’ back in every little thing we do. So, how do we actually go about that? There isn’t a magic wand handy, we are not in Hogwarts after all!

Well actually, there may be. Our mind is our greatest source of power. The agents of change are all around us, we just need to train our mind to find and follow those. Changing our perspective of life can be educative and great fun at the same time. Let’s see how.


Bringing Pep and Zest Back into Your Life

  1. Explore:

    How far have you explored your neighborhood on foot? Zipping around in your car everyday running errands and hurrying to your office doesn’t leave much time to notice things. Try to put some time aside on alternate weekends to just take it easy and chuck technology. Put aside your smart phone, get away from the din of social media, chuck the car and just take a stroll. Don’t see but look. No, it’s not really the same thing. Ok, tell me what’s the color of your neighbor’s door…you see it almost everyday, right? The idea is to train our brain to start noticing things rather than just passing them by in a state of constant ennui.

    Exploring on foot, you might be amazed at how many things you never noticed before! The excitement of having discovered something new would certainly pep up your day. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, pep

  1. Travel:

    Well, this one’s a no brainer. Taking mini vacations breaks the monotony of life, refreshes the mind and attitude. Whenever you can afford, travel to unexplored destinations. But, travel not just to click instagram-worthy clicks to make your friends jealous but to actually unwind and enjoy. When you come back, you would be able to see your home and neighborhood with a new perspective, make you notice things that you didn’t earlier. They seem familiar yet different to me every time I come back after a while. May be, it’s the shift in perspective just like when we go back to spaces from our childhood and they somehow seem to have shrunk.

    Traveling expands the mind and knowledge. Meeting new people, exploring new tastes, witnessing the creativity and beauty in new places ushers in an innate sense of joy. It uplifts the mood and puts pep back into your attitude to life. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, pep

  1. Dig into new topics:

    Try and learn more about something entirely new every month. For instance, search the web for tidbits on outer space, advances made in it’s study or something like that. Why not explore a bit more about some species of the animal kingdom? By the way, did you know there is one type of octopus that has adapted to commuting on land…weird, right? You would notice a shift in your attitude about your own daily life and situation when your mind opens up to the unlimited wonder in the world you inhabit. The problems nagging us in daily life somehow become less gigantic and the strain of monotony eases off. It brings back the pep to do something different, to learn more and may be even develop a new interest or hobby.

  2. Nurture your childhood hobbies:

    The hectic life of studies, then work and then family rarely leaves us time to pursue our hobbies. We may have developed more grown-up hobbies like collecting the entire collection of Johnny Cash songs, but I am talking about childhood hobbies. Remember collecting every Mickey, Minnie and Daisy sticker? Well, I do because I collected them like crazy 🙂 .

    Pick one up like stamp or coin collection, drawing, painting, crafts whatever it is. You don’t have to tell anyone if it embarrasses you, but try to enjoy it without any judgment.  Along with a sense of nostalgia, it will also bring back some of the wonder about simple things that you had as a child. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, pep

  1. Learn some new talent:

    Join that salsa or krav maga class that you always wanted to. Doesn’t matter if you are the least lissome in the class, do it for yourself, you have been competing enough at work! If you are not the physical type, may be learn photography or calligraphy…or whatever ‘graphy’ catches your fancy. More often than not, we make excuses about not having enough time when actually we are dreading not being good enough at learning what we want to. Mini milestones reached would renew the sense of joy and pep up your life. The enthusiasm is sure to trickle through and let you relish the little things that were overlooked in your daily grind of life and professional stress.


There are scores of other little shifts in our routine that can flick us out of the half-awake attitude towards life. It can be crafting small rewards for yourself to be enjoyed at the end of each day like a relaxing bath, foot massage or midweek movie with popcorn on your couch. Why not volunteer at your local pet rescue center whenever you have time? The idea is to do something totally removed from what you usually do. It affords a bird’s-eye view of your life and lets you decide how you really want it to be.

So, what do you do when the monotony of routine starts becoming overwhelming?  Or, are you the Sheldon Cooper type who is never happier than when everything sticks to it’s routine?


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17 thoughts on “How to Pep Up and Infuse Zest in Your Life

  1. really nice tips! This year we’ve have resolve to go on weekend gateaways more often, now that our youngest daughter is 2 it becomes more enjoyable for the whole family and not so exhausting, so why not!

  2. Love your tips! I agree with exploring your neighborhood to add zest to your life. I like to go out in my city and neighboring cities to explore. It always makes me feel so happy!

  3. I love your advice on this article. Its so easy to get stuck at home switching from one screen to another…. from a phone to the computer to your tv and the weekend passes by. Then we dont even realize , and our kids are doing the same. Love the idea about nurturing the hobbies

  4. Thanks for sharing such a relevant topic. The tips highlighted here are really useful for those who wants to make a little change in their routine line. Very good blog.

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