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Simple Exercises for Time-Crunched or Lazy Days

Did you know that you could get the benefits of exercising even when you don’t have the time or heart for it? Well there are and they can surely chip in when following your regular exercise routine is not an option. Some of these simple exercises are fun, some relaxing and others are just healthy tweaks to your daily routine. Let’s explore how you can use these to stay healthy without a break in your busy life.

Simple Exercises For Time-Crunched Days:

  1. Take the stairs:

    Some days just seem to have lesser hours in the day to fit in everything that needs to be done. And the first thing to fall prey to this paucity of time is your exercise. It seems to somehow be more easily dispensable than the commitments that simply can’t wait. Well, your health too can’t wait! So, why not just squeeze in a bit healthy time by taking the stairs and ignore the siren call of elevators? Even if there are only escalators available, no one stopped you from walking up those!

    Get creative with your everyday activities and find out how to chuck in a bit of more physical activity. Like instead of revolving around in your chair and reaching for that file, why not get up and pick it up? www.nandyzsoulshine.com, simple exercises

  2. Desk exercises:

    There are loads of exercise guidelines available online that can be done sitting at your desk. Select a few that cover most parts of our body, especially the eyes, neck, shoulders, back and legs. Keep a ready reference in your smart phone and refer back whenever needed. If they are too embarrassing to be done in front of your colleagues, try them out on your washroom break time. Include some breathing exercises that are inconspicuous, swift and yet offer loads of benefit.

  3. Exercise your eyes:

    While choosing our exercise routine, eyes are the most easily forgotten body part. So, time-crunched days offer you the perfect chance to make it up to your lovely peepers. Here are 3 simple exercises that you can try. Without moving your head, look from your left side to front and then right. Come back to front and then left. Repeat it 10-15 times and then close your eyes and relax for about a minute.

    Another thing to try is blinking rapidly 10 times. Now close your eyes and relax for about 30 seconds. Repeat this 5 to 6 times. Also, rolling your eyes about 2 to 3 times with closed eye relaxation for about 30 seconds between repetitions with about 3 reps is also a good eye exercise. If you have a couple of bragging co-workers or friends, rolling your eyes shouldn’t be much of an effort for you 🙂 .

Simple Exercises for Lazy Days:

  1. Go for a swim:

    We are talking of lazy days not in term of when you don’t feel like getting out of your night suit the whole day, but when you just don’t feel like hitting the gym or jogging track. More often than not, it is the monotony of our exercise routine that ironically throws us off routine. Take a refreshing plunge in your nearest pool. Don’t challenge yourself but simply enjoy the relaxing feel of water. Take easy strokes with relaxed back floats between laps. Though not nearly as much a calorie burner as say a jog, relaxed swim works wonderfully on our energy reserve. It will relax and recharge you to face the day with more pep and vigor. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, simple exercises

  2. Walk your dog:

    I know, this sounds like a chore especially when you are not in the mood to put your shoes on and hit the outdoors. But, the fresh air outside and the energy of your furry pal can be quite a contagious mood-lifter. Even though you might start out half-heartedly, walking generates happy hormones in our brain, eventually getting you to enjoy your outing. Else, take your pet to the dog park and spend some time outdoors. Whatever your pace be, it would certainly rate better on the physical activity scale than pottering about at home!

  3. Reach for your cycle instead of the car keys:

    Make your grocery run on the days you don’t feel like exercising. Not only will it save you guilt trips later on of having wasted your time lazing about, walking about inside the supermarket will help chalk up some mileage on your activity tracker. Even better, go environment friendly and chuck the car. Walk or pedal over to your nearby store. See? It’s easy to deceive your brain and squeeze in some sort of exercise without taxing yourself too much physically.

Simple Exercises For Lazy As Well As Time-Crunched Days:

  1. Simple stretching exercises:

    Surya namaskar is one of the simplest and best stretching exercises in yoga. It is easy to master, takes barely any time and works up your entire body. As it doesn’t include any strenuous actions and can be done in a reasonable amount of space, it is ideal for lazy days too. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, simple exercises

    Keep in mind to exhale while standing straight or bending and to inhale in the stretching poses.

  2. Breathing exercises:

    Breathing exercises help most when done on a regular basis, though they offer immediate relief from some symptoms too. These exercises come in very handy when you are on the run or not feeling like even leaving the comfort of your bed. Modulated controlled breathing routines help rejuvenate our body from within while also being very relaxing at the same time. Here are a few simple exercises that you can include in your daily routine or fall back on when following your regular exercise regimen is not an option.

  3. Hit the pressure points:

    The palms and soles of our hands and feet have loads of nerve endings and pressure points. Putting the right amount of pressure, massaging them can offer quite a few health benefits. Knead with moderately digging fingers the palm and finger tips of your hands, one at a time. Do this for the soles of your feet too for about 2 minutes each. Don’t put so much pressure that it starts to hurt or tire you out, but with moderate intensity. It increases the sense of wellbeing, both mental and physical, when done on a regular basis. However, it can also chip in for your continued journey towards a healthier lifestyle on busy or lazy days.

    You can even keep acupressure wooden ball or a squeezy ball handy. Work on it lazing about, stuck in the traffic, waiting in a que or just thinking your plans through (it rhymes 🙂 ). Every little step counts when it comes to putting ‘healthy’ back in your everyday life.


Squeezing in some simple exercises even on time-crunched or lazy days is a way to keep the momentum up. It’s a tool to train our brain that efforts towards a healthy lifestyle is as essential as breathing or having a meal every day. Once putting in some me-health time becomes a habit, it will feel natural and an integral part of our being. Staying healthy is a choice and can be turned into an effortless habit with some simple tweaks to our approach to exercising.

It takes about 60 days to develop a habit. So, try these simple exercises out for about 2 months and see the change yourself! What do you do to override the urge to laze it out when you know you should be up and exercising? Do you know of any other neat tricks to slot in a bit of exercise on time-crunched days?


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