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7 Simple Tricks to Usher Positive Energy into Your Home

Is your home an oasis for you or just a stopover on your way to a more relaxing world outside? Whether a dorm, rented or lovingly bought home, we all aim to create a sanctuary where we can relax,  unwind and recharge. However, it’s easier to wish than accomplish. Whatever the decor aesthetics, there are a few key points to help us effortlessly create a positive, welcoming and relaxing space. Interiors exuding positive energy as well as by our co-habitants go long in moulding our outlook in life. Today, let’s concentrate on how to encourage the flow of positivity through design and decor modulation (as it’s easier to control than the people we live with 🙂 ).

7 Tricks to Infuse Positive Energy into Your Life Through Your Home

  1. Maximize natural light:

    Bring in as much natural light into your home as possible. It creates a connect with the outdoors, ushering in a fresh and liberating feel. Natural light has a way of opening up small spaces and make larger rooms feel livelier. Some rooms with intricately detailed fixtures, furnishings and décor do look luxurious in dim light. But, occasional infusion of fresh light takes away the staleness that creeps into such rooms if not stringently cared for.

    Sunshine has a direct effect on how we feel and our psyche in general. Heard of winter blues? Rooms with no options to let in brightness from outside promote a heavy, oppressive feel over time. You start getting a subconscious feeling of imprisonment and discontent with everything, yearning for change. Get creative with letting in sunshine if there are no architectural hindrances. Sunshine and positive energy go hand in hand when it comes to doing up a home you’d love to come back to. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, positive energy

  2. Color scheme:

    Interior color scheme has a way of affecting our mood, thoughts and general outlook on life. It is quite an effective tool of color therapy and a great way to infuse positive energy into any abode. Though personal taste dictates general color scheme of a living space, the norm is soothing colors in sleeping and lounge areas. Colors encouraging concentration and creativity are for work and study spaces, while lively colors denote cooking and dining areas.

    Understanding how colors work can help us better decide wall colors depending on the feel we want in a particular room. Keeping wall colors light also allows you to play with décor and offers flexibility to change according to weather or altered taste. Including new elements becomes easier without color clashes or heavy expenses. The easiest way to decide a color scheme for walls is serene colors throughout, interspersed with some peppy or bright accent walls.

  3. Nooks and crannies:

    Dirt and clutter-free nooks and crannies infuse a well-cared for feel in any home. Well-lit corners reflect an open and honest space, and encourages positivity. Honestly, would you prefer to sit in a room with dingy corners with things that seem to be untouched by any human hand for ages? Or, would you be more relaxed, breathing easily in one with say a floor lamp or artistic vase displayed proudly in a neat corner of the room?

    See! even visualizing such a scenario brings into focus the positive or constrictive energy exuded by such seemingly trivial things.

  4. De-clutter:

    Clutter can not only turn keeping your home dust-free a chore, but also exudes negative energy. It hampers both physical and mental wellbeing. Though organized clutter can look aesthetic to some décor sensibilities, maintaining it requires manpower. Your home décor is an extension of your personality and reflects your psychological makeup. In other words, a jam-packed interior shows complexity of behavior and crowding of thoughts leading to stress.

    On a more practical note, de-cluttering can help you save money. You won’t be buying things to realize later that you already owned it and it just went unnoticeable due to the clutter. De-clutter your home at least once a month. Discard things that don’t seem as much relevant as when you kept them. Regular de-cluttering can help minimize lot of the effort needed. A de-cluttered home helps better movement of light, air, thoughts, people and positive energy. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, positive energy

  5. Greenery inside:

    Bringing a bit of outdoors indoors does wonders for the general aura of any home. Not only do they add a touch of freshness, personality and a sense of life, green color has a relaxing, calming and de-stressing effect on our psychology. It promotes creativity and a positive outlook on life. They also help remove harmful indoor toxins, which have become an integral part of modern lifestyle. These toxins can cause poor quality sleep, mood swings, breathing problems and scores of other health issues.

    Caring for plants doesn’t necessarily need to be painful. Even if you have a broken green thumb, there are quite a few varieties of plants that can survive quite a bit of neglect. These hardy plants add to the décor while infusing the interiors with positive energy.

  6. Music:

    You do not have to be a great music lover to get the benefits of modulated tunes on the psyche. Soothing mild music played in the background from time to time has a way of calming frayed nerves, uplifting mood and ushers in positive energy. Research and practice have proven that music has therapeutic effects. Try facing the long commute or traffic without your playlist! However, if you are a music lover, then there’s no need for anyone to show you how music can uplift mood and brighten your outlook on life.

    However, playing gentle tunes on a loop at a soothing volume would be more efficient than blaring latest hits most of the time. You can search and collect some relaxing music, put them on a loop and de-stress while going about your daily life in the house. Wind chimes or the sound of trickling water from an indoor fountain can be alternative options if you are not at all a music person.

  7. Go with the weather:

    Your furnishing and décor also go a long way in adding to how the weather outside makes you feel. The general idea being airy, cool items with minimal clutter in summers. For fresh spring months, touches of floral and nature. Earm, cozy furnishing are ideal in winters. Interiors should aim to limit the harshness of the weather creeping inside while bringing in unspoilt positivity of nature from outside.

    Summer and spring seasons call for a bit similar treatment with the motto being the barest minimum of extra cushions, rugs and bulky decorative pieces. Shove away things as much as possible to create an open feel. Clutter has a way of making one feel warmer, bogged down and stressed out. Cotton, linen and other airy fabrics should be the call of the day. Spring allows you to slowly get the interiors more busy with blossoms, floral arrangements and floral prints.

    Scatter in plush rugs on the floor, extra cushions on the sofa and fleecy throw on the lounger for a warm and cozy feel on bleak winter days and freezing nights. Yellow lighting reminiscent of the warm glow of fire would do better than a stark white one on winter nights. Strategically placed fairy lights also go a long way in ushering in the festive, jovial mood in winters. I love to scatter them around the house, on an odd indoor plant, in the kitchen or lined through the book shelf. www.nandyzsoulshine.com, positive energy


The idea is to make the most of things at your disposal to make your home work for you without breaking the bank. The tips mentioned here are just simple tweaks. Opening up windows and letting the sun stream through, clearing up spaces for the easy movement of air and people and such other things can be done without any hassle, right? Surely your design aesthetics play a pivotal role in doing up your interiors as every home reflects the personality of the inhabitants. But, the key is to get as much physical and emotional benefits from your sanctuary as possible. Clean, bright, airy spaces usher in health and positive energy pepping up our outlook on life.


What else do you do to make your home a welcoming relaxation haven? Have you tried any of the suggestions mentioned here and do they work for you?


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